Are you considering investing in a beautiful chalet that exactly suits your needs? However, you also want to have sufficient financial resources in the long term to make your replacement wishes possible in the future. Consider, for example, a more spacious or modern chalet.

You can have the entire investment in your chalet, including furnishings, taken over by you up to a maximum of €75,000.00.

Of course you can also make part of the investment yourself, but that is not an obligation.

We will then discuss with you what your expected period of use is, and how much money you want to have available again by the end of this period for your replacement needs.

Based on this, it is calculated for you what amount must be reserved monthly to enable your future replacement wishes, plus the amount that is calculated monthly in interest because (part of) the investment in a chalet has been taken over from you.

Financing via Finanplaza BV
Finanplaza BV is an intermediary organization that specializes in providing credit for recreational purposes. You will find us in, among others:

Information about the services of Finanplaza BV
Pursuant to the Financial Supervision Act (WFT), Finanplaza is obliged to provide you with the information below prior to the conclusion of a financial agreement, so that you know who we are and how we work. This information is offered to you in the form of a service guide. You can download this here:

Services guide

Privacy statement

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